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                         Before                                        ~ Lake City~                                After


               A year ago we decided to put an addition on our natural log cabin.  Our log cabin had some unique challenges and Dan Anderson of

            Castles & Cabins proved to be the answer to those challenges.  Our home became Dan's home.  He treated our project with great care.  Dan's

            sub- contractors proved to be top notch and Dan held them to the highest standards.  Most of our work was done by phone and e-mail, but we  

            always knew what was going on and what to expect.  The project came in on budget and with Mae handling the paper work, we had no issues

         with invoicing or waivers. 

     We were so pleased with Dan's work that we also hired him for a large maintenance project on our original cabin. (Refinished existing natural log home and deck to match new 3/4" log-sided addition and deck)  This again proved to be a monumental task and Dan handled it well.   Being in the construction business ourselves, we treat our customers with respect and integrity.  We don't always see that in other contractors, but it was first and foremost with Dan Anderson.  I would not hesitate to hire Dan for future projects or to recommend him to others.  We now consider Dan and Mae to be our friends and look forward to working with them again.

Rod & Karen, Lake City



                                 Before                ~6908 W Higgins Lk Dr., Higgins Lake ~            After

     Press Release September 13, 2010

     Castles and Cabins Inc. of Lake City recently completed a remodeling project of a 1930s cottage on Higgins Lake Dr. The project consisted of replacing windows with Centera Pella, exterior doors, installing Flagstone Rough Split Cedar Impression Shake Siding with accent trims, Black Mica Steel Shingles, and accented Storm Cloud Gray Canyon Rock Fieldstone pillars making the cottage nearly maintenance free.

     This type of remodeling is fairly standard around the Northern Michigan resort areas, what makes this project stand out is the energy upgrades that were incorporated in the remodeling process. Pre and post construction blower door test were conducted by a HERS certified energy rater that documented that air sealing and added sprayed foam insulation incorporated into the remodeling process is estimated to reduce energy requirements by 80%. The results of this effort will save the home owner an estimated $600.00 per year on their heating bills, make the home more comfortable to live in, improve indoor air quality and reduce the homes negative impact on the environment.

     The owners were impressed with the Dan Anderson's interest and knowledge of building science and his attention to the details necessary to incorporate the energy saving features into their project.

Northern EverGreen Services, Traverse City, MI  




Roadside                   Before         ~Lakeview Blvd, Jehnson Lake, Rodney~                 After



                                 Before               ~East Shore Circle NE, Kalkaska~                 After                                                                                                                            


          What a blessing you came into our lives sharing your talents and making our dreams a reality!  Thank you both so much, George & Pam



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